Our Toddler Classrooms

12 Months to 36 Months

Toddlerhood is as challenging as it is exciting for toddlers and adults. As toddlers become aware of “self” and are able to maneuver physically through their world, they develop independence. Toddlers are curious by nature and are enthusiastic explorers. They are developing their own personality but are interested in the world around them and enjoy interacting with their peers. Children learn best through play. We play in the classroom, in the large muscle room, on the playground, and more. Book a tour to hear more about how our play-based approach gives each toddler the opportunity to practice the skills that they are learning and continue to develop as they grow.

Young Toddlers

The Young Toddler classroom provides a safe, nurturing learning space for our children. Our curriculum helps our toddlers develop and grow in independence, fine/gross motor, social, cognitive, and communication skills. We have a schedule that allows structure for planned activities but is flexible to meet all of our toddlers’ needs. Our class loves to sing, dance, read books and Bible stories, play, make art masterpieces, and snuggle all day long!

Older Toddlers

In the Older Toddler classroom, our main focus is social and emotional learning. The way we accomplish this is through play. Our teachers provide a variety of materials and resources to help children learn about the world around them and the best ways to handle it. We help the children learn these skills through books and Bible stories, songs, and role play activities, and we put these skills into practice while they play. We also focus on independence skills during our everyday routine and with other planned activities. Our lesson plans provide lots of space for child-led exploration and sensory experiences.

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